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Aion Plas Chamois: For Car Cleaning and Drying #DreamCars #aionabsorb

Aion Plas Chamois: Truly Quality Microfiber Towels Made in Japan #DreamCars #AionPlasChamois

Now anybody living with children, pets, or lazy family members knows how dirty and unclean your residence can get in a matter of minutes. You clean the kitchen, which takes you an hour to do properly, and then you sit down in front of your PC to write a novel. When you return to the kitchen to grab a drink, you spill it all over the living room rug! Oh no! What do you do? Sound like a typical scenario? I know because, I experienced it.

Now, there's a solution, Aion Plas Chamois!

Introducing Aion Plas Chamois

SUPER ABSORPTION: Absorbs and holds water equivalent to 300% of its weight

DRAINS EASILY: Just squeeze after use, and it drains the water out quickly. Helps prevent mold and foul odor after drying wet surfaces.

SAFE: Through its soft and fine-textured material, Aion Plas Chamois prevents scratching delicate surfaces of your car. It leaves no lint or other cotton waste.

DURABLE: Aion’s three-layer structure offers outstanding durability to resist damage from repeated washing and squeezing.

OIL PROOF: Aion Plas Chamois resists against oil and gasoline.

WASHABLE: Washing machine safe and it keeps the same shape after use.

PORTABLE: Packed in a portable plastic tube. Easy to store in your car’s dashboard or inside the trunk.

Aion Plas Chamois is made from Japan’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is useful in many different applications because they are soft enough to prevent scratches and buffs on even the most delicate of surfaces. A chamois get their moniker from the diameter of the fibers that make up the towel, with the smallest fibers providing the best cleaning surface. Thus, the quality of chamois you get depends on how thick each individual fiber is within the towel.

The quality of product you get is determined by several things, but price alone is not a factor. Many people purchase towels under the assumption that they are getting a high grade towel because the price is higher than normal. This is not an accurate judge of the final product, as many towels labelled as being microfiber have inferior production processes, thus making them less absorbent than they could be.

Truly quality microfiber towels will be soft to the touch and super absorbent. Aion Plas Chamois towels are a good brand since their production process is tightly monitored for any fluctuation in the production process. In fact, properly produced microfiber towels will allow you to clean your home without the need for harsh chemicals, making your home more environmentally safe for your family and pets.

Properly produced microfiber towels will quickly absorb moisture the moment the towel comes into contact with it. They will also pick up any dust or dirt and can be shaken out quickly, which makes them the ideal solution for dust mopping floors or dusting furniture.

Since harsh chemicals do not need to be used with these towels as they perform their function perfectly without them, microfiber towels are a great solution for anyone who is looking to go green. Dusting, mopping, and buffing can all be accomplished without chemicals and the towels can be reused over and over, so there is no waste.

You can even keep one in your car to quickly wipe it down and keep your car looking beautiful!

Genuine Aion Plas Chamois towel has almost no abrasive properties, and can be used as a very absorbent drying material for any automobile surface. This has made it a popular product for car cleaning and drying.

Watch this video for you to know the multitude-uses of Aion Plas Chamois

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  1. Savvy product! I need this for the house and the motor bike:) Any pending giveaway? LOL.
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